Mayors are among the most important, and least understood, leaders in Canadian politics.

In every Canadian community, the Mayor is an important figure. Mayors lead elected councils, serve as chief executives of municipal corporations, and are generally the most well known local official. Big city mayors are directly elected by more people than any federal or provincial politician in the country. In times of celebration and crisis, mayors are the voices of their communities. They are praised for their communities' successes, and blamed for their failures. In many ways, mayors are the living symbols of Canada's communities.

Despite the significance of their position, remarkably little is known about Canada's mayors. There is no 'job description' for mayors; in fact, there are thousands of bills and bylaws in Canada prescribing the duties of mayors. It is often said that Canada has "weak" mayors, yet the public believe that mayors are powerful. Mayors themselves report that those around them don't really understand what they do.

This website aims to address this gap, by providing basic information about Canada's mayors: what their job involves; the people who currently serve as mayors; and, current research on mayors in Canada. It started as a PhD research project, and it's grown into the most comprehensive resource on mayors in Canada.

If you're a mayor, or you work with mayors, or you're a #munipoli wonk who is interested in mayors, I've got some good news for you: this site is for you.