10 Things

Many Canadians know shockingly little about our mayors (and, about local politics in general). If you don't believe me, ask 10 people to describe to you what their mayor's job is. I'll bet you $10 that you get 10 different answers.

Here's 10 things Canadians really should know about our mayors:

1. The mayoralty is among the oldest political institutions in Canada.

2. Mayor means "great."

3. Being a mayor is a very different job than being a premier or prime minister.

4. Big city mayors are directly elected by more people than any federal or provincial politician in Canada.

5. We don't have "weak" mayors.

6. Mayors have different powers, depending on where they are located.

7. In practice, Canadian mayors have three jobs.

8. Any council in Canada can empower their mayor, if they want to.

9. Collectively, mayors in Canada need more power.

10. Canada has some really cool mayors.

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