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    Kate, Kate, I sent you this form yesterday and you do not reply yet. If I was in you shews, I’d replay within two working hours. Though it is predominantly two days.

    Anyway, if you want, put my site address at my page on your site and that’s all: [not: Nothing publicly available.]

    Contact Kate Graham

    IMG_8154.JPGKate Graham researches, writes, speaks, and teaches about politics in Canada's cities. 

    Do you have a question or comment about mayors in Canada? Do you know something interesting or unusual about a Canadian mayor, and are willing to share?

    Are you a journalist writing about a mayoral election and looking for someone to provide comment? Are you a TV or radio producer looking for a panelist? 

    Do you study cities, leadership, or urban politics?

    Contact Kate through this form, or by email at kate [at]

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