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There are thousands of municipalities in Canada - and thousands of mayors. This website focuses on Canadian mayors who serve a population of 10,000 people or more. It does not include the leaders of other types of municipalities, such as regions (typically led by a chair or equivalent) or counties (often led by a warden or equivalent).

Together, these mayors represent communities with nearly 85% of Canada's population.

This directory is a work in progress. Do you have information about your mayor, or mayors in your area? Are we missing someone? Want to help build out this site? Contact us.

353 directory listings
Marlene Cordato
| Boisbriand0sc
George Cornell
| Tiny0sc
Derek Corrigan
| Burnaby0sc
Yves Corriveau
| Mont-Saint-Hilaire0sc
Jonathan CotŽ
| New Westminster4sc
Doug Craig
| Cambridge0sc
Grant Creasey
| Lacombe0sc
Bonnie Crombie
| Mississauga9sc
Daniel C™tŽ
| GaspŽ0sc
Sabin C™te
| Roberval0sc
Dan Curtis
| Whitehorse0sc
Alexandre Cusson
| Drummondville0sc
David Dagley
| Queens0sc
Diane Dallaire
| Rouyn-Noranda0sc
Martin Damphousse
| Varennes0sc
Don Darling
| Saint John0sc
Richard Dauphinee
| West Hants0sc
Geoffrey Dawe
| Aurora0sc
Marc Demers
| Laval0sc
Chantal Deschamps
| Repentigny0sc
Danie Deschenes
| Notre-Dame-de-l'ële-Perrot0sc
Barbara Desjardins
| Esquimalt0sc
Guy Desjardins
| Clarence-Rockland0sc
Aldo DiCarlo
| Amherstburg0sc
Drew Dilkins
| Windsor0sc
Jim Diodati
| Niagara Falls9sc
Greg Dionne
| Prince Albert0sc
Paisley Donaldson
| Gravenhurst0sc
Terry Dowdall
| Essa0sc