Danny Breen

The Basics: Danny Breen was first elected to St. John's City Council in 2009, representing the residents of Ward 1. He was acclaimed as the councillor for Ward 1 in 2013. He ran as a Progressive Conservative candidate in a 2014 by-election in the electoral district of Virginia Waters, finishing second by only 40 votes. He was elected Mayor in 2017, receiving 53.2% of votes cast.

Background: Before entering politics, Breen was Vice-President of Provincial Benefits, Inc.

Things You (Really) Should Know: The Mayor of St. John's has some unusual statutory powers. For example, he or she can "prosecute and punish all negligence, carelessness and positive violation of duty" and "inspect the conduct of officers in the government of the city." These powers are set out in the City of St. John's Act.

Fun Fact: Danny Breen started his BA at the Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1979, left his studies for a job opportunity, and finished his degree 37 years later in 2016.


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