Female Mayors

Women are underrepresented in politics, including among Canadian mayors. Of the nearly 400 mayors in Canada representing communities with more than 10,000 people, only 66 are women. Specifically, it's 16%. The percentage is even lower for larger cities. Of the 50 largest cities in Canada, only 12% of the mayors are women. Some cities such as Vancouver, Calgary and Hamilton have never had a female mayor. Yikes.

Fortunately, we have some epic female mayors. Get to know them.

65 directory listings
Valerie Plante
| Montreal5sc
Bonnie Crombie
| Mississauga9sc
Lisa Helps
| Victoria0sc
Linda Jeffrey
| Brampton0sc
Tara Veer
| Red Deer0sc
Sharon Gaetz
| Chilliwack4sc
Lori Ackerman
| Fort St. John0sc
Barbara Desjardins
| Esquimalt0sc
Cathy Heron
| City of St. Albert5sc
Gail Katchur
| Fort Saskatchewan0sc
Sandra Cooper
| Collingwood0sc
Nicole Read
| Maple Ridge0sc
Patricia Matthews
| Chestermere0sc
Sylvie Parent
| Longueuil5sc
Virginia Hackson
| East Gwillimbury0sc
Suzanne Roy
| Sainte-Julie0sc
Sylvie Beauregard
| Cowansville0sc
Sandra Easton
| Lincoln0sc
Carolyn Bolivar-Getson
| Lunenburg0sc
Sylvie Surprenant
| Sainte-ThŽrse0sc
Doreen Assaad
| Brossard0sc
Paisley Donaldson
| Gravenhurst0sc
Alice Finall
| North Saanich0sc
Evonne Delegarde
| South Dundas0sc
Josee Neron
| Saugenay0sc
Danie Deschenes
| Notre-Dame-de-l'ële-Perrot0sc
Nancy Grant
| Rothesay0sc
Paola Hawa
| Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines0sc
Nancy Cooper
| Salmon Arm0sc
Mary Smith
| Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield0sc