John Tory

The Basics: John Tory is the 65th Mayor of Toronto. He was first elected in October 2014, and was re-elected for a second term in October 2018. Unlike most Mayors, Tory did not serve on Toronto City Council before becoming Mayor - but he had run for Mayor before, in the 2003 election won by David Miller.

Background: Tory is a lifelong resident of Toronto, born in 1952 into a successful family. Tory's great-grandfather founded Sun Life Canada, his grandfather was a founder of law firm Torys LLP, and his father was the President of Thompson Investments. Tory studied political science at the the University of Toronto, and graduated with a law degree from Osgoode Hall. Before becoming Mayor, Tory spent his career working in politics and business, including serving as the President & CEO of Rogers Media and as the Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

Things You (Really) Should Know: Toronto is Canada's largest city and has one of the largest City Councils with 45 members. The only city with a larger Council is Montreal, with 65 members. The next largest city is Calgary, with just 15. After the October 2018 election, Toronto City Council will grow to 48 members. A ward boundary review led to the addition of three new wards.

Fun Fact: Tory first got involved in politics at the age of 13 when he joined the Young Conservatives, and he worked as a young man for Ontario Premier Bill Davis.


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John Tory is the Mayor of the City of Toronto, in Ontario.