Mark Heyck

The Basics: Mark Heyck is the 14th Mayor of Yellowknife. He was first elected to Yellowknife City Council as a Councillor in 2003. He served as Deputy Mayor from 2006 to 2012. In October 2012, Heyck was elected as Mayor. He serves alongside eight Councillors on Yellowknife City Council. In February 2018, Heyck announced he would not be seeking re-election as Mayor.

Background: Heyck was born in Yellowknife. His father was a miner. He studied history and Canadian studies at McGill University. Outside of politics, his career has involved roles with the Union of Norther Workers and the Prince of Wales Norther Heritage Centre. 

Things You (Really) Should Know: There are important differences in how cities located in territories operate, compared to the rest of Canada. For example, cities like Yellowknife have more direct contact with the federal government than do most cities located in provinces.

Fun Fact: Heyck was involved in Folk on the Rocks, an outdoor music festival held in Yellowknife each year.


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Mark Heyck is the Mayor of the City of Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories.