Gregor Robertson


The Basics: Gregor Robertson is the 39th Mayor of the City of Vancouver. He was first elected as Mayor in October 2008, representing the Vision Vancouver party, with more than 54% of the vote. Robertson was re-elected in 2011 with 53% and in 2014 with 46%. In January 2018, Robertson announced that he would not be seeking a fourth term in the 2018 election.

Background: Robertson was born in North Vancouver. He studied English and biology at the University of British Columbia and Colorado College. He co-founded organic fruit beverage company, Happy Planet, before entering politics. Robertson was elected as a New Democratic Party Member of the Legislative Assembly for one term in 2005, and served until 2008 when he ran for Mayor.

Things You (Really) Should Know: Political parties are an important part of local government in British Columbia. The oldest standing local political party is the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) which was founded in 1937. Other major parties have emerged over time, including the Green Party of Vancouver (1984) and Vision Vancouver (2005). A number of new parties have recently emerged in the lead up to the 2018 municipal election.

Fun Fact: After graduating from university, Robertson spent almost two years sailing the Pacific ocean and working as a farmer in New Zealand.


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Gregor Robertson is the Mayor of the City of Vancouver, in British Columbia.