Naheed Nenshi

The Basics: Naheed Nenshi is the 36th Mayor of Calgary. He was elected in 2010, becoming the first Muslim Mayor of a large Canadian city. Nenshi was re-elected for a second term in 2013 with 74% of the vote, and for a third term in 2017 with 51% of the vote. Nenshi serves alongside 14 Councillors on Calgary City Council.

Background: Nenshi was born in Toronto in 1972. His parents were immigrants to Canada from Tanzania. Nenshi completed a Master of Public Policy from the Kennedy School at Harvard, and worked at consulting firm McKinsey & Company before starting his own practice.

Things You (Really) Should Know: Calgary recently re-negotiated its relationship with the Province of Alberta, along with the City of Edmonton, by seeking a City Charter. Calgary was the largest city in Canada without its own legislation, separate from the general municipal legislation. The new Charter does not include the word "mayor" or make any changes to the role or power of the mayor. 

Fun Fact: Nenshi is one of Canada's most well known politicians, and one of few Canadian Mayors with international profile. He was named "Best Mayor in The World" in 2014, and has more Twitter followers than any other Canadian Mayor.


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Naheed Nenshi is the Mayor of the City of Calgary, in Alberta.