About the Researcher

e8d770bf3aedfe46fd652e507a4ccf1eKate Graham is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student in the Political Science Department at Western University in London, Ontario. Kate’s areas of focus include local government, urban politics, public policy and city competitiveness. Kate’s PhD dissertation, Leading Canada’s Cities: A Study of Urban Mayors (affectionately known as “The Mayors Project”), examines the political leadership of Canada’s cities, specifically focused on the role of mayors, under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Sancton, one of the leading local government scholars in Canada. Kate holds a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from Western University’s Local Government Program.

Kate has spent most of her professional life working in local government. Kate served as the Director, Community & Economic Innovation at the City of London where she was responsible for the City’s government relations, strategic initiatives, culture and economic partnerships portfolios. Kate has worked with four mayors and dozens of elected officials during her nearly 10 years working in local government.

Kate is a published author, and has spoken at more than 50 municipal sector conferences, workshops and events. Kate was named on of London’s Top 20 Under 40 by Business London Magazine in 2015.

In September 2017, Kate left the City of London to pursue a teaching career. Kate now teaches at King’s University College and Western Continuing Studies, and for a variety of local government organizations. Kate is also running as a candidate in the 2018 Ontario general election.