Sylvie Parent

The Basics: Sylvie Parent is the Mayor of the City of Longueuil. She was first elected to Longueuil City Council in 2009, and served two terms. She ran as the Action Longueuil candidate in the October 2017 Longueuil election, and was elected as Mayor.

Background: Parent received a degree in psychoeduction from the University of Trois-Rivieres, and worked for the Youth Protection Service of Montreal.

Things You (Really) Should Know: Longueuil is the second largest suburb of Montreal, located on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River.

Fun Fact: Parent was declared the winner of Longueuil's 2017 mayoral election, with 118 more votes than the second place candidate. A judicial recount was ordered, and took almost two weeks to complete. The recount confirmed Parent as the winner, but with only 110 more votes than her chief opponent.


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Sylvie Parent is the Mayor of the City of Longueuil, in Quebec.